About Us

אסף אופקAsaf Ofek:

Married and father of two, lives in Ramat HaSharon.

Owner of Coming Up and founding partner of “FlyToTv” – loves traveling and nature, travelled to South American and the United States for two years.

Asaf is a film and creative director, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Camera Obscura School of Art. He has worked in several advertising and promotion companies as a creative director: Promarket Group, Blanco&Pearl, Mccann, Tamir&Cohen, as well as different production companies as first assistant director and executive producer for television series, commercials, and corporate videos. Asaf is one of the creators of the television show “Kofiko” as well as the puppeteer of the title character. Today he specializes in content for the digital world and production in virtual studios.



Yishay Shapira:

Married and father of four, lives in Jerusalem.

Founding partner of “FlyToTv” – loves to travel in Europe to cities and landscapes that are not as travelled by Israelis; enjoys meeting with locals and sharing their stories in television reports that he creates.

Yishay is a producer and video editor. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television from Sapir College, and has 17 years of experience in producing and editing many television series among which are: Shababnikim, Mossad 101, New York, Arab Labor, Galis, HaKalmarim, and more. Yishay is also a video editor at KAN – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation and is responsible for the digitization of the video archive of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. In recent years he has travelled and created many tourism videos for the website “PassportNews” as well as for his own website, “FlyToTv”. Among his stories you can find these destinations: Ireland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Sochi, Hong Kong, and London.

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