Digital PR

Producing launch and PR events for various audiences at the right time and place.

In our world, it is not enough to develop a new product. Everybody needs to know about it and it would be preferable that as many people as possible in as many media channels and social networks know. 

In order for the event to stand out, we integrate the location, content and attraction and turn the event into something that cannot be ignored.

Coming Up provides a 360 package for your event

  • Producing a refined event customized and adapted to the target audience from the invitation stage, through the event content and menu and up to the gifts at the end. The event will be “tailored” precisely to your needs and budget.
  • Inviting relevant journalist and opinion leaders to the event.
  • A live broadcast of the event on social networks and sending a link of to a high quality broadcast to leading television channels and to leading media and news outlets in Israel: Including 12 News, 13 News, Kan 11, Guy Pines, “Chai BaLayla”, “Hazinor”, Ynet, Walla, Israel Hayom, Haartz, ice, Passport News and more.
  • Producing a video summarizing the event and sending it to all invitees as well as publishing it on social networks.

Comping Up combines the traditional production of a sales conference or launch with the digital world and ensures that everyone knows about your event.

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