Virtual Conference

Virtual conference appeared during the year of COVID-19 in order to replace physical conferences. It is true that there weren’t any refreshments and mingling, however they worked well. The viewers entered the conference from home, registered for lectures and discussions and visited virtual exhibitions.
The virtual option provided an opportunity for people across the world to come and participate in a conference with an unlimited amount of viewers (as there is no issue of space in the hall) and overall when taking cost-benefit into account, virtual conferences  are less expensive and are open to a far greater audience.

From a talking with clients for whom we have produced virtual conferences over the year, some of them intend (and have already reserved a date) to produce more of these conferences, as “it worked well for us.” In addition, they are considering producing hybrid conferences in the future, including a combination of a real, physical conference that is broadcast live.

How we produce virtual conferences:

Most often we are responsible for the content and live broadcast and less for the advertising and registration (although there are solutions for this as well).
From our green screen studio we broadcast conferences comprised of lectures, panels and interviews based on the mix we create together.
The conference takes place in a virtual studio where several environments can be created and the overall look is one of a television show.
In a virtual conference, lecturers and speakers from the studio can also be shared, as well as lecturers from abroad by adding ZOOM to the broadcast. You can even create a panel of experts in which they are all in their offices worldwide. Or simply interview an expert who is elsewhere.
All of this is live of course.

Unlike a television show, our viewers have the opportunity to influence and be involved in the conference. You can answer questions written in a chat or in the case of a ZOOM broadcast, open the viewers’ cameras and add them to the broadcast (on a designed plasma screen in the virtual studio) and thus actively share them in the conference.

And one more tip about live virtual conferences (but don't tell anyone) - the more it’s pre-recorded the better.

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