Digital Courses and Instructional Videos

2020, the year of COVID-19, taught us many things, one of which being that we can learn digitally through ZOOM or from filmed courses.

We realized that there is no (educational) need to sit in traffic for an hour, look for parking, enter a student filled classroom and try to understand what they are talking about (and there are all those annoying questions). Just give us a link and we’ll know the study material in an hour.

During the year of COVID-19, digital courses have become a source of income for teachers, instructors, lecturers and for people who were accustomed to teaching and could not work. With the right advertising and distribution, a digital course can become a passive source of income for many years. 

We believe that if you want to sell a product at a fair price, the product should look good and professional. There are courses that have been filmed using a smartphone or on ZOOM (including sharing a presentation), and the question is, how much would you pay for such a course? And how much would you pay for a well-designed and intricate product that looks like a television show in which the lecturer knows what they’re talking about and you can also hear what they are saying?

We produce digital courses in two ways

In both ways of production, the filming and sound as well as the presentation (and ancillary materials and aids) will be integrated with high quality. 2-3 cameras may be used to film in order to create a dynamic flow in the videos.

To date, we have filmed dozens of courses that have sold for hundreds of thousands of shekels and have brought entrepreneurs passive income over an extended period of time.

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