Broadcasting Van

We will start with some disclosure: We don’t have a broadcasting van, our budget ran out at the stage of purchasing the van.

However, we are able to broadcast live from almost anywhere.

Our “Van” includes four 4K cameras, a professional directing system, sound and lighting.

Our team includes cameramen, a director, directing system operator, a soundman and a social media professional and all of us together know how to broadcast almost anything live for any social network and interface with any television channel.

Our broadcasting van turns any event into a hybrid event and creates the possibility for many viewers to participate in your event.

How much does this cost? Although a broadcasting van sounds like an expensive service, we price every event according to its needs and therefore if your broadcast is relatively simple, the cost of the broadcast will also be relatively low. Try us.

A winning tip:

We know how to broadcast to several platforms at once, for instance to ZOOM and to a leading internet portal. With a press of a button and at no extra cost, your conference (or part of it) can be broadcast all over the internet. The broadcast can be sent to a television channel so that the Minister’s speech that opens the conference can be broadcast live. All this with the press of a single button.

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