Producing a Hybrid Conference

During the year of COVID-19, we could not physically produce and film as we had over the past 20 years and we turned the conferences into virtual conferences from our studio. The virtual conferences were highly successful, the viewers we happy to participate in the conferences from home and even take an active part in the conferences. 
With the decline of COVID-19 (at least in Israel) we are happy to return to producing and filming real conferences. We have missed the people, the mingling and the buffet.

But what about those participants who have become accustomed to viewing from home? Some of the participants realized that they wish to participate in a conference from home, or to attend only a part of the conference and view a different part (supposing the conference lasts three days).

We believe that future conferences will be hybrid conferences. A combination of a real conference (perhaps on a smaller scale) and a live broadcast of the conference for viewers from home. Using our broadcasting van, we come to any location and broadcast the conference live.

Imagine your next conference filmed like a television show, with 3-4 cameras and broadcasted live to your website or YouTube channel. Our broadcast includes a graphic design package, introduction, names of speakers, logos and titles that hint to the rest of the day. At the end of the conference we will deliver every session of the conference in a separate file for use on additional platforms.

The most notable advantage of a hybrid conference is the number of participants, thanks to the unlimited live broadcast (as opposed to the number of participants in the conference hall + COVID restrictions) and the possibility to combine the social side of the conference with a large number of participants from home.

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