Fly to TV

“FlyToTv” is a tourism website with in-depth information, travel routes and tips for Israelis traveling domestically and abroad.

Each page on the website contains a video or a cover story which we produced especially for it, in addition to a written story or an article, and useful links to tourist attractions, museums, as well as many other things to upgrade our followers’ travels. 

Here you will find articles, lectures, interviews with experts, videos containing tips and recommendations from other travelers out there in the field.

“FlyToTv” connects our two greatest loves: trips and movies. We realized we were missing something on all other travel websites: videos. They were filled with texts and pictures, as opposed to social media, which has long since moved on to videos. Because we specialize in filmmaking, we understood this to be our connection to the world of tourism: We produce films and create video travel guides.

We discovered that the tourism industries of Israel and around the world already understand the inherent potential of creating content in short video format. We have cooperated on numerous quality content productions in various fields of the tourism industry: Ski, cruises, organized trips, tracks, filmed travel guides, launching new destinations, launching new products and services, filmed lectures on world traveling destinations, commercials productions, and video adaptations of international commercials in Hebrew.

Among our clients you will find: El Al, Israir, Club Med, MSC, Eco Field Trips, Ayala Geographical Tours, Tiktik, Bishvil Hazahav, Cruise Tour, Drahim Travel, IGT, Natour, Gesher Tours, and others.

So where will you be flying to? Click on our website and let’s take a vacation:

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