Virtual Studio

A virtual studio is technically working in a green screen studio.

A green screen studio is a studio in which the walls are green so that during editing they can be replaced with something else. In this way the filmed background can be hidden and a different environment can super-imposed in place. This is a technique that has become very popular in movies and television shows. Marvel films didn’t have a single day spent shooting outside their extremely sophisticated studio.

Our studio has a system that changes the background in real-rime to a background we designed in advanced, so that we can produce with you talk shows, digital courses or any other content you can imagine.

Virtual studio design

A studio can be designed according to your precise needs or you can purchase a ready-made studio (template) and change it according to the desired color scheme. You can create programs that are stylized like the news or a talk show, a stage for lectures or performances.

Our studio includes 4 cameras and a live cue directing system, so that we can work in the live-to-tape method that saves time and money.

You can broadcast live from the virtual studio and produce virtual conferences.

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