Tailor Designed ZOOM

We have all become accustomed to “being on ZOOM”. Whether you are students, teachers or company employees, ZOOM has become the way in which to meet with people, talk to them, study and provide knowledge. ZOOM has many advantage, but it has one glaring disadvantage – its design.

This is where we come in and turn the ZOOM session into a designed ZOOM session. Similar to the design of “Our Correspondent from the Field”, we know how to make the ZOOM session designed and stylized. You can broadcast a large number of speakers, you can combine a lecturer and a presentation, the host can talk to several speakers and we will direct the screen so that only the correct speaker is seen each time or two windows in which the speaker and the interviewee or lecturer appear.

Over the last year we have produced dozens of tailor designed ZOOM sessions for companies, organizations and associations.

A tailor designed ZOOM session does not replace your next work meeting, it is intended to replace a physical or virtual conference. It is adapted to seminars and courses and is especially suited to combining speakers from several countries.

As this service is based on ZOOM, it is inexpensive and enhances any important meeting you have on ZOOM.

P.S. We produce “Tailor Designed ZOOM” also for Microsoft Teams. 

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